Friday, July 20, 2007


chapter 3

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-evilyn wearing a breathing mask and faker surrounded by magic travel through some of the worst plains of infinita. the winds are thick with toxic gas, foreign poisons and shards of rock-

evilyn:" deep within the darkest parts of infinita lies hidden, one of the greatest powers known to whole universe"

-fakers robotic scan reveals great stone stairs leading underground just bearly peeking out beneath the sands, nearly invisible even to those foolish enough to temp these parts -

walking through what appears to be the ruins of a lost civilization

evilyn:" its with this power that all shall bow to my feet"

faker:{ what is my purpose?}

evilyn:" concern yourself not with your purpose but your ability to take commands like the toy that you are"

-faker showing a sign of insolence standing sluggishly as evilyn feels the walls for something-

faker:{ this will not be forgotten}

evilyn:" forgotten? hahha as if you could even remember. your just a tap on delete from being blank. dont bore me with your programmed emotions. scan these walls floor to ceiling for any energy now!"

-faker scans the walls revealing a glowing patch of stones. -

-faker smashes an entrance through the glowing stones-


-beyond the entrance lies a signle stone podium at its top lies a red crystal. its power irradiating the whole cavern-

-evilyn casts a spell erecting a magicial ring around the podium-

-evilyn hovering above the ring begins chanting in tongues-

{{{{{{-this crystal ( sewconium ) is the last of an all powerful magic resource. this resource fueled the once great planet of FERROR's life and growth, it was also its magicial power that caused its greatest battles and the planets greatest destruction. centuries have past since it was abundant this mythological final example has become known in stories as the red sun star, its super concentrated magical power is enough to destroy any planet or bring one to life-}}}}}}

-faker grabs the crystal from the podium power rips through him and fills the entire cavern.demonic spirits rise from the charred soil.doing so triggers the surrounding to shake and rumble. the walls crumble around them.-

evilyn:" YOU FOOL! what have you done?!"

-a rip in time and space begins opening from the circles center panning outward teleporting everything to time and place unknown-

-faker attempting to flee is suddenly blast from the shadowy entrance. the blast breaks the crystal (breaks into 2 parts 1 small and 1 big remaining teeny shards embed in faker) sending faker falling back into the wormhole ( in a bright flash faker and the 2 crystal parts are gone)-
-skeletor enters the shot pointing his havoc staff at evilyn-

evilyn:" we have no time to debate my treason"

skeletor:" well put witch. but this doesnt excuse your actions, you will be dealt with"

- from the perspective of a dark shadowed being the two flee the collapsing cavern with demons close behind-

dark shadowed one : " dyr"

-skeletor opens a portal to snakemountain the two escape just in time as a ravenous horde of demons come crashing down on top of the closing portal.-

-snakemountain throne room-

-skeletor and evilyn return through their portal only to be caught off guard by a mysterious hooded man and his large brass knucked comrade-

skeletor:" what is the meaning of this intrusion who dares temp the lord of destruction!?"

hooded threat : " you seem confused. dont you reckonize your own creation?"

-pulling back his hood to reveal faker..only somewhat different (aged, a goatee adorns his chin, emotion seems to cross his face )-

skeletor/evilyn:"FAKER! but how?!"

faker: " havent heard that name in a long while"

evilyn:" you were lost on infinita. i dont understand."

faker: blockbusta! show these has beens we mean business."

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-blockbusta lunges forward and smashes a stone chair into dust-

-blockbusta stands before the crumbled remains of a stone chair and holding his fist-

blockbusta:" the master doesnt wish to deal with you two yet"

-faker casts a portal as he and BB turn thier backs to skeletor -

skeletor:" what sort of charade is this. i've had too much treachery from minions today to even begin to know what you two rejects want.what ever faker you are, this game ends now!"

skeletor throwing a dagger at fakers head.-

skeletor:"never turn your back on a villain fools!"

-faker turns and catching the dagger in his fist,skeletor watching in shock-

-faker/blockbusta exit the portal in front of snakemountain. a scream rings out from the snakes mouth-

skeletor:" youve changed machine."

-close up of fakers fist as blood drips from it-

faker:" more than you can ever imagine."

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