Friday, July 20, 2007


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Back before the darkness... This Eternia was just as lush and bright as any

-a green tiger plays in lush pink fields as our blonde hero watches over the landscape-

Long ago
our He-man protected the people of Eternia from evil, or at least thats what he made the people believe.

The landscape fades from lush and bright to darkness. Rust colored skies and battle scorned lands tear through the landscape. fire screams out from the planets core. only a grey falcon can be seen over the horizon.

All of Eternias mightiest heroes and villians stand before the walls of castle Angelface, unified by the horrible events that have transpired. They stand before a procession of the planets most valiant ruler, Randor King of Eternia. a single ray of light beams down to to the kings face illuminating his blue face, as if to take one last moment of time with him as he passes on. The procession will continue on its way through Eternia to royal tombs where he will lie for eternity. The newly blessed goddess of the castle flys down to the castles entrance to bare the kings final words

On this parchment reads the final wishes for the people of Eternia as deemed by our great King Randor.

"I King Randor here by leave my kingdom in the hands of its great protector the one sole man capable of keeping Eternia safe from evil and possible the only chance my brother has of returning to Eternia as true heir to the throne. i leave you my people in the hands of He-man the most powerful man in the universe."

- As these words left the goddess mouth a blonde heroicly tanned hero steps from the shadow of the of the castles entrance. the crowd cheers "HE-MAN,HE-MAN!! " behind him stands MAA. stepping forward to quite the cheers-

Lets not cheer for those here,lets cheer for those that have passed. long live Randor


He-man and Goddess step back into the shadows and disappear. MAA shortly follows.

From the shadows He-man speaks of the days affairs with the Goddess

so close and you almost ruined it!

This is what you wanted ..what we wanted!

yes it is. but what good would the wishes of dead man stand if they knew the truth?

MAA enters the door and joins the discussion

A secret were all sworn to keep, we know. our "face" will keep all questions to all but a whisper.

-Evillyns arm slides across he-mans shadowy chest as she enters from behind-

it had better be. i'd hate to see my hero get angry.

this event marked the begining of the end of times for Eternia as people knew it.
strange events plagued the lands soon after. as hero
after hero seemed to fall in battle to this unknown villian.some to death,some to darkness.many great warriors of sides both good and evil fought well, but all fell before the this evil entity became known.

---- Destroyed building ,burning vehicles fill the background as the bodies of fallen heroes lie battered and lifeless ---

The people of Eternia called for their mighty ruler to aid them and the heroes of Eternia, helping stop this great menace. Each time the people called out for He-man, he came and would vow to stop the great evil, but still word spread of heroes falling from grace. -

----The BASE OF POINT DREAD is covered with fallen bodies badly beaten almost savagely ripped apart----

Supporters of He-man soon dwindled , some began revolting. crys of disgust for thier ruler fill the night skys.

with the masses at near full revolt, another strange twist took place as He-man began defeating villians so bad that they never seemed to return. some suggest the darkness got them as well, others think something far worse.

::::::FLASH FORWARD::::::
Rumors of Keldor start surface. The people talk of the real king and how one day he'll return, ruturn to serve the people as his great brother Randor once did.

-----Posters depicting he-man that fill the city streets are vandalized. words like LIAR,MURDERER, and FAKER cover nearly every image of the once mighty hero. vandalized banners read "all hail Keldor!" "king Keldor"------------


why do they yearn for that fool keldor? what chance would he stand anyway?

as much of a chance as his pathetic brother had hahhaha

-"he-man" enters his hands wrapped in chains leading to the beaten body of keldor. his brown hair and pale skin appears almost caked with blood-

-evilyn pushing keldor to the ground in front of goddess-

kneel before your goddess.

i kneel before no one, :cough: especially the likes of you. :cough:

-blood dripping from his mouth as he speaks-

---Demonia leans into Keldors face pulling back his hair.---

oh, the things my hero will do to you

demonia then smashes her head into keldors face, watching as he fades into unconsciousness

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