Tuesday, December 16, 2008


- Zodac teleports back beyond the realms to the plain between time and space. once again standing before almighty zenith.

 i implore you to summon the enforcer known as strobo. i believe he with the help of phaethon  can hold the darkness back enough to once again imprison it.


 i understand that were overstepping our bounds by being so directly involved but it is the acts of the other enforcers that cause these motions. i only wish to balance the battle field.


 so be it. i hope a time never comes to cause regret for this choice but it is agreed.

-with a bright flash from zeniths badge, zodac is transported back to the planet eternia. unknown weather or not the choice he made was the correct one.

- zodac steps from the space portal  returning to  the enforcers the side of  hexevo and ess-cee who are joined by the young solar powered enforcer phaethon, as well as the powerful he-man and the heroic warriors.

- The sky is dark with clouds of coal as burgandy rain  densely showers upon every inch of possible vision.

- q'rian with the aid of fellow enforcers q'sar and zahhak  work thier powers together  to open a portal strong enough to bring forth the darkness from anti-eternia to join with the darkness of this dimension of eternia. 

it is unknown how catastrophic such an event would be, but enough is known to tell it's something the world of eternia would never recover from.


q'sar is an enforcer of a dimension near to the known eternia but doesnt contain a planet by that name. in his dimension he's guardian of the planet phantos  he has the ability to traverse time both within his dimension as well as those beyond his own.

before his days in the cec q'sar was a kronomancer who traveled between worlds for personal gain. often running missions for clients only to travel through time and steal/foil those plans.  his confidence grew to great peaks as his power became like a childs plaything.
but q'sar wasnt always a kronomancer. this was an ability that was taught to him by a shrouded wizard who appeared one day in search of an apprentice.
apprentice to what?  he would come to learn only by doing. at first he was sent through time by the wizard to retreive artifacts, then  to effect certain events, it wasnt long before q'sar would realize it was he who had the ability to traverse timespace and that the wizard honed this surpressed ability and manipulated q'sar for the wizard own gain. but he continued remain a loyal apprentice while secretly learning as much as possible about the time space portals and the ability to self create and manipulate these portals to his own wishes.
the relationship with the wizard stopped when q'sar jumped back in time through a seperate dimension defeating and imprisoning the wizard while he was  weaker and less powerful. it was during this mission that q'sar came to the attention of the cec.

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