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"sometimes giving in can be wrong"

EXT: bridge leading to the castle entrance

-wielding the combined power of the two havoc staffs, SKELETOR and the powers of good try valiantly to exorcise "THE DARKNESS" from HE-MAN as MAA watches from afar bound by skeletor's magic.-

"you'll never stop HE-MAN... you'll never stop "THE DARKNESS"...NEVER!"
(-firing wrist-blasters furiously at his magical shackles -)

"your magic can't bind me here forever"
(screams in frustration)

no matter, you won't prevail! ... i'll die making that promise true"

"you must channel all your power. i'll care to MAA to ensure he's no longer a bother"
(-dematerializes as he states his mission-)


-Plasma-like magic beams out in a spectrum of color, rippling out, surrounding HE-MAN. -

-Screams of pain and torture, in tongues unknown fill the dreary lavender sky.-

(Glimpses of the once great golden hero begin to flash, but are instantly swallowed up by the power of "THE DARKNESS".)

-The screaming begin to deafen, growing ever louder and more shrill. "THE DARKNESS" feeds on these lamentations; engulfing HE-MAN in flame, his black skin illuminated red with dark inferno rage.-

(glowing red smoke pours from his eyes and mouth)

EXT: mean while within city walls -

-The five boldly courageous warriors (protected cosmicly by ZODAC) hold up in the once great palace, battling back the magical dark goddesses(GRAY/DEMONIA) and their corrupted minions(RAM-MAN/CHOPPER). from regaining the power sword.-

- an image of ODIPHUS reflects back from the cold steel helmet of the on coming assault from RAM-MAN-

- GRAY GODDESS takes notice of a flicker in the protective barrier upon the impact of her dark minion-

::::NOW! ::::

GRAY GODDESS:(telepathic)-

" ZODAC's magic is breaking down. we wont be protected much longer"

-all at once the dark minions focus on a single point on the barrier-

" warriors...come out and plaaaay!"
(- running full force he thrusts himself agaisnt the barrier at the same instant CHOPPER slams his mighty hand against the weakened force field-)

" we're coming for you ,heroes."

-the protective barrier surrounding the palace begins to pulse with each combined assault-

-the goddesses channel dark forces in synchronized motion.-

-BEASTMASTER leaps from behind OCEANOR , blaster rifle in hand, ready to roll.-

" we dont have much longer!"

" we have no choice but to go as long as it takes...even if it means no protection at all"

- the goddesses merge into pure blackened magic forming a pheonix like blast, accelerating toward the barriers focus point-

-RAM-MAN and CHOPPER repeat their previous attack while the combined form of the goddesses clash the force field in unison-

" be prepared to hit these creeps with everything you got!"

-The beak of the pheonix like blast breaches the barrier-

EXT: back at castle bridge

In a burst of illumination, the heroes magical efforts begin to wain. The once bright beams of color, grow rapidly gray; "THE DARKNESS" feeding on the magic itself, grows ever closer.

-SKELETOR is brought to his knees by the sudden burst of power. The castle bridge begins to rumble as the planet shakes, the castles face begins to crumble.-

EXT: a look at how ETERNIA is effected by its darkest hour

-The ground fissures revealing hellish chasms of molten lava-

-all of the globes bodies of water boil up and over the landscape, plant life boils then bursts into flames, as if living in hell itself- -

-battles taking place agaisnt "the darkness" on many different plains collide as the grounds rumble and break away beneath them,
warriors from both sides fall in peril, The torturous wails peak to its highest decibel.-

-Then in an instant...-

-A deep silence steals sound all around the great warriors, stealing even motion of time itself.-

-The crumbling castle facade frozen, bits of rubble float effortlessly in mid collapse. The battle of light over dark stands still in time, stopped at a moment of crisis.-


-a portal opens before the paralyzed combatants, the two enforcers known as HEXEVO and ESSCEE step out and observe-

"it has to be done."

"theres no other option."

-a second portal opens behind the enforcers stepping from it is the gray skinned enforcer known as Q'RIAN -

". your time is done here. leave them to ZODAC. "

" the balance is nearly set."

" this is for zodac to 2 have done more than enough."

"ZODAC summoned us to unsure balance"

"thats not your responsibility, ours is to observe."

" no. we are to even the odds."

"wrong. we are to create and manage balance"

" and thats what were doing"

"Enough! You 2 have interfered with several events in the life of this world, events that helped shape this disaster before us.This was not yours to meddle with, and ZODAC shall answer for his actions as well."

-a portal forms below the 2 enforcers teleporting them to points yet unknown-

-from that same portal hovers ZODAC laser pistol in hand-

"you seek my attention?"

" do you not see what stands before you, do you not see your world at the cusp of death?"
(raises his hand, casting cosmic shackles, binding ZODACs hands.)

"you can drop your weapon, it's useless now anyway."

-zodacs pistol fulls to the ground below-

" i did what was needed."

"you brought about the finale before it's due.

"deal me to the hands of fate."

"so be it."

- A flame flickers in the eye of HE-MAN casting a reflection of Q'RIAN-

"you dont yet understand the power of "THE DARKNESS". it's more powerful than the CEC could have ever concluded. If not for the aid of the others this world would already be lost to us."

"you of all should know the power of an enforc....."

-As if existence itself shattered like glass, Q'rian is in the grasp of HE-MAN-


"i'll show you power!"
(holding Q'rian out before him.)

-the darkness seeps deeply beneath the enforcers skin, infecting Q'RIAN, consuming his light. all color drains from his facade, as he too joins the dark collective-

" ahhh. i now too understand "the darkness"."
(his newly darkened eyes flicker with red hatred)

-ZODAC having freed himself from the cosmic bonds dives blasting Q'RIAN as he retrieves his ray gun-

-the darkened enforcer falls back-

-a time corridor opens pulling Q'RIAN through to a location still unknown-

"You'll pay a much higher price than your clone, enforcer."

-ZODAC braces himself for the oncoming assualt from the dark overlord.-

" i assure you fiend. i shall not fall from grace."

" i have no intentions of you surviving."

-HE-MAN's axe slams down on ZODAC who defcts the brunt of it with the cost of his ray gun-

-from ZODAC's hands blast out a tremendous cosmic beam-

-the cosmic blast holds the darken over lord at minor distance but if enough to give the enforcer time to free the planet of the chono-freeze-

- the planets quaking resumes just as violently as it had stopped. warriors are thrown about through out the landscape-

-SKELETOR regaining his awareness joins ZODAC and blasts he-man with everything he has. the 2 beams of power once again paralyzes the darkened champion-


- the darkness appears to be pulling from the once golden hero, the combined magic bringing balance once more-

-streaking from out of the dark sky the dark goddesses come to free their comrade.-

-together the dark goddeses cast all their mystic arts to pull free HE-MAN-

-the dark overlord glows bright like a super nova, appearing to split right down the middle-

- in a blast of light only the whole world stops shaking,falling totally still...silent once more-

- the dark triad are no where to be seen, a plume
of black smoke remains where he-man once stood, s shadowy image begins to emerge from the smoke-

" what?"


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