Saturday, August 11, 2007


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ANTI-ZODAC: i have heard of a weapon from the world of infinita, so powerful its been known to swallow the wielders soul. this weapon known as the havoc staff has been used for many dark deeds in many worlds even those parallel to our own.

ANTI-SKELETOR: then why risk wielding it? would i not be risking the last of our hope?

OCEANOR: this is true. the mer people too have heard of such a weapon.

BEASTMASTER: the forest too has gotten story of the staff. but its kept at a hush for the fear of such a weapon might spread unwanted panic.

ANTI-SKELETOR: exactly who am i, to wield such a demonic weapon. but if this means turning the tide on he-man, then so be it.


MEGALASER: i got cha back keldor. guns a'blazing!

ANTI-SKELETOR: excellent! but no need, zodac i need faker and i teleported past the dark field. beastmaster you, megalaser, and oceanor go join odiphus, holding back the dark forces from point dread.

ANTI-ZODAC: so be it!

::;in a blinding flash the 3 are taken through time and space to a point unknown to the traveling warriors.:::

- somewhere beneath the planet stands a very uninviting stone carved entryway, leading to no where. the monolithic doors are sealed with giant magical bolts held shut with a demonic lock, inscribed in ancient runes.-

::zodac hovers before the imposing doors and speaks out::

ANTI-ZODAC: step forward guardian. i zodac cosmic enforcer know of your abilities and your restrictions. reveal yourself.

::as if to step from beyond the door a ghostly figure steps into vision::

SPECTROR: i too know of your kind enforcer. what business do you have with me?

ANTI-ZODAC: this warrior is eternias last hope.

::skeletor steps forward::

ANTI-SKELETOR: his name is skeletor and we've come for aid of the havoc staff.

SPECTROR: hahah surely you jest, enforcer. lest you want to share my fate.

ANTI-ZODAC: yours was but a dire fate ,but our mission is equally dire. i can not undo your consequence. but the staffs destiny is known even to it.

::: skeletor steps before spectror raising his hand in a offer of peace:::

ANTI-SKELETOR: it seems stranger we've suffered blights of the like. i dont fear what the staff threatens, and at this point neither should you.

SPECTROR: your words are valiant, but i am not so valiant. i dont know the cause of your disfigurement but my own came from greed for power, greed that cost me everything. i was once a great adventurer/wizard now im nothing more than a ghostly specter. the pain was horrible and the loneliness was painful. i learned a lesson that i would not wish even upon my greatest fow.
::spectror turns to leave:::

SPECTROR: i would expect the all knowing enforcers to be aware that i am bound to owner ship of the staff. even if i wished to give it to you, the choice isnt mine its the fate of the curse bestowed upon me.

ANTI-ZODAC: but there is a way behold!!

- two trans dimensional portals open , two cosmic enforcers step from their dimensions. one translucently green skin beneath green helmet/black armor wielding a gray havoc staff, the other with greyishblue skin beneath black armor/purple helmet carrying a glowing purple staff which looks nearly identical to that of spectrors.

- zodac hold before them a small box, both esscee and hexevo holds their staffs up then from the box floats 2 magical orbs.-

::anti faker and anti skeletor watch as the magical orbs begin striking the enforcers staffs. magical power flows high off the staffs skeletal heads. a powerful beam flashes across the cavern into spectror havoc staff, thrusting it from his hand to high above his head. magic rips all across the cavern in a dramatic display of lights.

all 3 enforcers in unison speak out "AB-JUH-REY-SHUH"

-in a loud clash spectrors havoc staff begins rumbling, a sound to likes of a childs scream. rips piercingly from the staff as it pulls from itself into 2 staffs. seemingly bringing spectror to his knees. the newly spawned staff is dark gray in color and hovers next to the original.

- in an instant the cavern was filled with silence-


ANTI-ZODAC: we have freed you from the havoc staff. But dont be confused we are not the ones to remove the curse. this is our payment for your assistance, though it was slightly unwilling.

-the 2 enforcers depart through the portals from which they came as zodac presents skeletor with the dark gray havoc staff-

ANTI-ZODAC: this is the purified good that laid deep within the evil of the havoc staff. it is now ready for the task before us.

ANTI-SKELETOR: I can feel its powers. Hope will be restored.

ANTI-SKELETOR: FOR ETERNIA! (holding the staff up high)

-anti-zodac presents spectror with his purple havoc staff-

ANTI-ZODAC: though the cursed bond is broken. its to you, Zanthor that i entrust the guardianship of havoc staff , you of all know the true damage it can cause to those who wish to conjure its evil. so protect it, wield it for the power of good, and perhaps one day your curse too will be lifted.

SPECTROR: understood enforcer.

ANTI-ZODAC: it is time.

a trans dimensional gate opens. anti-skeletor,anti-faker, and anti-zodac magically teleport back to point dread.

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